Judgment Rendered vs. Entry of Judgment

What is the difference between the date a judgment is rendered and the entry of judgment date? What date is considered the date of your divorce?

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Parties sometimes encounter this question after an uncontested divorce prove-up hearing. An uncontested divorce prove-up hearing is the final hearing in a divorce case when the parties have come to an agreement regarding their children and division of their property. At the final hearing, the parties ask the judge to approve their agreement and to grant them a divorce. Sometimes parties will not have their divorce decree completely drafted for this final hearing, instead, they may have an agreement like a mediated settlement agreement. In this case, the judge will give the parties an entry of judgment date, or entry date for short. Parties may also encounter this question if they had a trial and the judge gives a verdict.

In both these instances and other instances where you hear the term judgment rendered, that date is considered the official date of your divorce. The entry of judgment date is a clerical date. It is for the parties to get all necessary documents signed and filed with the court. If the documents are not signed and filed, the judge could dismiss the case, and the case would have to be retried.

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