lena nguyen family law attorney divorce lawyer houston texas california

What is your educational background and what type of law do you practice?

I was born in Houston, Texas. I received my bachelor’s degree from New York University – Gallatin School and my law degree from the University of Houston Law Center. I am a family law attorney licensed in Texas and California. Approximately 90% of my cases are divorces.

Why the interest in relationships and dating?

In every circle of friends I belonged to, my entire life, I have always been the go-to girl when it came to relationships and dating. My friends came to me, not because I was born with relationship and dating knowledge nor because I was super experienced, but because I was a great listener. Through the many stories from my friends, through my own experiences, and through extensive reading/studying, I have accumulated a great amount of knowledge on relationships and dating.

Further, as a family law attorney, I have a front row seat watching the end of a lot of relationships. The stories I hear from my clients, while guiding them in the midst of one the most stressful periods of their lives, opened my eyes and helped me understand what makes a strong and thriving relationship and what does not. I have seen people separate for just about every reason. I know what unhealthy relationship habits look like, and I know the kinds of things that ruin relationships.

Where did you get the idea for Next Chapter?

The idea for Next Chapter came about because of my lifelong passion in bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. Most victims of domestic abuse do not have the financial means to hire an attorney to help them leave their abuser, nor do they have the financial means to hire a team of counselors to guide them after the divorce. Next Chapter was created with that in mind. I wanted to create a platform that would give domestic violence victims all the information they needed to not only leave their abuser but also to start their road to recovery. In the grand scheme of things though, I hope EVERYONE going through a divorce or healing from a divorce finds the information I share useful.



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lena nguyen family law attorney divorce lawyer houston texas california