Who is everyone in divorce court?

lena nguyen family law attorney divorce lawyer houston texas californiaGoing to court can be incredibly intimidating and stressful. Not knowing who anyone is and what they do can add to the pressure. Hopefully knowing who everyone is will make you feel a little more at ease and comfortable. Here are 7 people you will see in the courtroom and what their role is.

Attorneys – The attorneys are usually seated in front of the courtroom. If you enter the courtroom, you will notice that there is a divider dividing the chairs in the back for the public to sit and the rest of the courtroom. Attorneys will be seated beyond the divider, also known more formally as the “bar.” Hence, when someone passes the exam to become an attorney, it is referred to as “passing the bar” because they are no longer forced to sit behind the bar and instead can sit with other attorney beyond the bar.

Judge – The judge is the person in the black robe. They are like a referee. It is their job to make sure everyone is playing according to the law. In family law cases, they are often the decision-maker.

Associate Judge – The associate judge may or may not be seated in the courtroom. They also wear a black robe and have a small courtroom of their own. They hear the cases the judge tells them to hear. An associate judge’s decision on a case is not inferior to the main judge of the court.

Clerk – The clerk is seated in the court’s office. When the judge calls all the cases, being heard that day, the clerk is often seated in close proximity to the judge. The clerk handles all the paperwork for the court. There may be more than one clerk.

lena nguyen family law attorney divorce lawyer houston texas californiaCourt Coordinator – The court coordinator is similar to the clerk. When the judge calls the cases, being heard that day, the court coordinator is also seated in close proximity to the judge. The court coordinator manages the court’s calendar and schedule.

Court Reporter – The court reporter is called a stenographer. They record everything that is said in court when a judge is handling a case. They are seated in front of a machine that looks like a typewriter. Not every case will have a court reporter. In family law cases, a court reporter will be present if a party requests a recording.

Bailiff – The bailiff is a law enforcement officer that enforces order in the courtroom. They are in charge making sure the public is quiet and silent when the judge needs them to be. They are dressed in the same uniform as other law enforcement officers.

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