houston texas family law divorce lawyer attorney

How Do I Prove The Property Belongs to Me?

How do you prove an asset is separate property and not community property? Texas and some community property states follow what is known as the inception of title rule. California does not follow this rule. To establish a property is separate property under the inception of title rule, you must follow these three steps.

houston texas family law divorce lawyer attorney

What Is Community Property?

The character of a property dictates which assets and how the asset is divided in a divorce. Is the asset considered separate property or community property? Here are five frequently asked questions to help you better understand community property and, essentially, separate property.

houston texas family law divorce lawyer attorney

What Is My Separate Property?

In a marriage dissolution or divorce, the character of a property becomes an area of assessment when it comes to dividing assets. The character of a property refers to whether the property is separate or community.

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Who Needs A Prenup

Whether to enter a prenuptial agreement is a personal decision, and each couple is different. Here is a list of situations where a prenuptial agreement might make sense.


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